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                          Gwen Power                                              “Wood Storks in the Southeast"
                                                                                        Watercolor on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
                                                                                                     Size of Painting 19 x 23

“Wood Storks in the Southeast”   shows you the only Stork that lives and breeds in North American.  They can be found at certain times in Florida, Georgia,  South Carolina and at a small rookery recently found in the north east part of North Carolina.  They come to breed in very shallow ponds and when they arrive they eat and walk and fly around all day and all night.  This painting uses watercolor paint on gallery wrapped canvas.  Applying watercolor paints and water to a canvas creates the effect of constant movement which matches the way the Wood Storks live.  With gallery wrapped canvas, each side and the top and bottom of the painting is one and a half inches wide.  This makes the size of the painting three inches wider and three inches higher than the size across the front only.  This allows the painting to extend across each side and across the top and bottom.  These paintings look better when they are not framed, because a frame would cover these areas and would remove your ability to see different views of the Wood Storks as you move around, or look at it when you are looking down or up or from one side to the other.  The painting can bring the Wood Storks to you when you are in many different places, so, like the Wood Storks, you can keep moving around to different places and still enjoy seeing the Wood Storks.


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