Landscapes and Gardens

Winter Sunsets are so beautiful.  They are full of incredibly bright, intense colors backlighting the trees and other features in the landscape.  This painting shows the winter sunset in a place where there was a country house and high above the trees, birds still flying through the sky.  You may feel cold and like you regret that daylight has become so short.  But if you are looking out your window or driving home at night or even walking outside and see the sunset begin, and watch it until the sky turns completely dark, which takes a very short time, you get to see the winter sunset, the most beautiful sunset of all seasons.  When I see these sunsets, I want to be able to feel the love, light and joy of them for much more time that the very few minutes the sunset lasts.  I try to look at them every clear winter day.   Sometimes I try to paint the scene as I see it unfolding, but usually I need to take a photograph to help me finish the painting.  Then when I look at the painting, it sends joy into my heart. I hope when you see it, you will be filled with joy and excitement.  If you have the painting in your home or office or wherever you can see it frequently, you will have a source of joy whenever you need it. 

 Gwen Power

”The Beauty of Gardens”


Size of Painting 11 x 15, Framed  size  22 x 18

There are many gardens which welcome visitors and are filled with peace and beauty.    You may go and visit some on vacations or go to local gardens for peaceful walking, resting or sharing time with special friends.  When there, you can breathe in the peace and beauty and when you leave, wish you lived in such a beautiful place.  When I am in one of these gardens, I feel like I am close to heaven and the feeling fills me with joy.  This beautiful flow of peaceful watercolor paintings takes me back to this and other gardens I have spent time in.  The painting lets me experience the feelings I had while visiting the garden.  Some of you live with lovely gardens as the yards around your house.  But when you are at home at night, or working inside, you don’t feel the same joy as when you are in such beauty.  This painting shares the feeling of being in gardens and can bring back to you the joy and peace that filled you there.  While looking at “The Beauty of Gardens,” you can breathe in the feeling the gardens give you.

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