Gwen Power

”The Peace of Marsh Scenes”


Size of Painting 15 x22, Framed size 20 x 27

Marsh Scenes in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida are always peaceful and beautiful.  The lovely view of water divided into long lines created by small areas of grass and trees invites your eyes and heart to follow the water from the part nearest you to the part that touches the sky.  And then you look up into the sky and back down into the water seeing it reflect the sky and the lines of grass and trees.  As you follow this around, you are also greeted with a variety of lovely birds, both large and small.

Visiting such a lovely and peaceful place by going to it or by looking at a watercolor painting that shares this with you any day and time you wish to see it, is a wonderful way to fill you mind and heart with peace and beauty.  Breathe it in and keep it in yourself to have a wonderful day.   “The Peace of Marsh Scenes” can bring this to you at any time when you have this painting living with you.


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